Michael Sheehan media, LLC

director / producer / writer / entrepreneur

Corporate Video Production

In the corporate world, I have been senior video producer for global live events, and I have worked one-on-one with the highest levels of management to help them sharpen their on-camera presence and delivery.


I have helped corporate clients design and implement multi-venue, interactive media events using satellite, cable, fiber and Internet delivery. In shaping these events, I frequently work closely with top management to improve their ability to deliver a focused, effective message on the video screen.


From 1999 to 2001, as an independent producer, I was a senior video producer for multinational communications company Nortel, working on their largest and most important live events.  Projects including global/regional sales conferences in Las Vegas and Dallas, CEO media tours from corporate headquarters in Toronto, and a cutting edge, interactive multi-venue production from the NHL All-Star game in Denver. My role in these projects included design and implementation of all video applications, including IMAG, remote interactive feeds, classroom presentations, distribution as video and web content, and archiving.


In 2008, I worked closely with Cisco Marketing and Communications at their annual convention to record video of 35 high level executives from Cisco partner companies for use on those companies’ web sites. At the sessions, I was video director and principal interface with the executives, coaching them on video presentation and on communication skills.