Michael Sheehan media, LLC

director / producer / writer / entrepreneur

Home Video Market

I take an entrepreneurial approach to creating video products for sale in the home market, partnering with other entrepreneurs and forming dedicated production companies as the situation requires.

My involvement in these projects spans the gamut of roles from genesis of the idea to selling the final product, including producing, budgeting, fund raising, research & writing, crewing, directing, designing graphics, editing, and marketing.

I have played a significant role in bringing the following titles to the home video market:


  Moving North Carolina

  The Audubon Society’s VideoGuide to the Birds of North America, vol. 1

  The Ducks Unlimited VideoGuide to Waterfowl and Game Birds

  Living on the Edge

  Dynasty: A Chronicle of the Incomparable UNC Women’s Soccer Program

  King Mackerel and the Blues Are Running

  The 1992 Merle Watson Memorial Festival

  MerleFest Live: The 15th Anniversary Jam

  Individual and Advanced Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance (2 volumes)

  The North Carolina System: Training Championship Players and Teams (3 volumes)

  Attracting Birds to Your Backyard with Roger Tory Peterson